Radio Optimization Technical Lead

Cairo, Cairo
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Posting date:03 Dec, 2019

ROLE PURPOSE: A Radio Optimization Tech Lead will be a member of a team coordinated and supervised by a senior Supervisor and managed by the Radio Systems Sr. Manager. This position can perform job requirements with minimal guidance or supervision

Main responsibilities
As part of a regional team he/she will get acquainted with and contribute to the different aspects of radio optimization activities. Supporting the Radio optimization senior Supervisor with network analysis and recommendations of network actions, process improvements and maintaining the quality figures in the whole network from customer as well as statistics point of view through daily monitoring of the network performance to identify problems that might affect the network quality and take the necessary action to rectify them.

Key Accountabilities Key Activities / Decision Areas
1.Radio Optimization Tools, Guidelines and Processes 
• The Optimization Tech Lead should be familiar with functioning of all the Radio tools and databases as well as the guidelines and processes used within the department. 
2. Radio Network tuning activities 
• Maintain radio network access within the acceptable Grade of Service.
• Statistical analysis and deployment of new formulas using system counters to assess network performance and identify problem areas.
• Liaise with other departmental planners to ensure design and planning activities are lined up with the designed ones.
• Analyse drive tests for the Major roads in Egypt and identify major problems that affect the quality of the network.
• Checking the performance of new sites integrated to the network in terms of different KPIs.
• Investigate and troubleshoot the reported problems.
• Implement solutions that will improve network quality.
• Enhance the network performance KPIs to be superior to that of the competitors
• Develop new methodology for enhancing his area’s performance
• Provide visibility and keep record of all activities in the area of responsibility.  Contribute to weekly reports of the team’s activity.
• Prepare reports for management & regulatory bodies on radio network figures.
• Coaching new team members and get them merged within the team
4.  Environmental / Legal Standards 
Perform all previously mentioned duties and tasks in compliance with the environmental standards, legal requirements governing his/her area.
Be fully acquainted with the following:
• Vodafone Environmental Management System (EMS) policy and related documentation.
• Significant impacts related to his job and his role and responsibility to control it.
• Potential consequences of not following related EMS documentation.

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