Pega Developer - Manager

Pune, Maharashtra
  1. Full Time
  2. IT/Technology
Posting date:07 Nov, 2019

To Develop and support Pega enterprise application.

• Experience with or good knowledge of agile, sprint, scrumconcepts.
• PEGA Rules Process Commander (PRPC) for Business Process Management and Business Rules Development
• Experience creating Pega workflows, defining rules, creating classes, developing templates, streams, data pages,  activities, and UI's in PRPC
• Demonstrates an advanced knowledge of the PRPC Architecture and all PRPC design and implementation features.
• Ability to troubleshoot and resolve complex production issues
• Ability to develop integration with other system, troubleshoot and resolve integration issues
• Coordination with operations and testing team and provide defect fixes and bugfixes.
• Manages the DCO sessions, maintains the functional backlog and supports the functional design, ensuring optimal use  of Pegasystem functionality and adherence to guardrails.
• Validates functional design, technical design, and creates technical capability recommendations to help backlog  prioritization.
• Drives application developer streams including Pega and integration, technical testing, quality assurance,  development architecture, execution architecture, operations architecture.
• Build and unit test of the application components and/or managing development activities, performing peer reviews  and escalating technical issues.
• Collaborates with the technical team.
• Updates and validates the functional backlog, ensuring requirements are captured in use cases, requirements and  design templates as part of DCO, validating development work, validating test scenarios.
• Timesheet update on a weekly basis and coordinate with Operations Manager.


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