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Posting date:03 Dec, 2019
"Drive critical Robotics initi atives/projects across the organization - Dema nd assessment & opportun ity assessment & Prioritation,

  • Understan ding of workflo w based logic andthe ability to both understand a business pro cess from a work flow diagram and to conceptualise it as an autom ated solution< /span>

  • able to capture detailed process map and keystroke l evel busines s require ments specifications

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  • Understanding of workflow based logic and the ability to both understand a bus iness process from a workflow diagram and to c onceptualise it as an automated s olution

  • < spanvodafone lt" , "sans- serif" ; font-size: 12pt">able to cap ture detailed process map and keystro ke level business requirements speci ficati ons

Assess processesacros s Fin a nce, HR, Customer Operations, Enterprise and NOC for Robotics and any o ther a ut omations

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James "Vodafone changed my life"