Junior Executive

Ahmedabad, Gujarat
  1. Full Time
  2. Other
Posting date:14 Feb, 2017
Primary Skills:
  • Customer Service
  • NPS Survey.
  • Knowledge of Excel.
Secondary Skills:
  • Knowledge of  NPS tools

Role Purpose and KPIs:
  • This position is responsible for ensuring customer loyalty and rebuild trust in Vodafone Services.

  • This position is responsible to identify reasons for customer dissatisfaction and perform analysis on case basis as per predefined guidelines.

  • Establish hygiene / process issue and prepare talk off with the customer accordingly for both open and close service requests / complaints.

  • This position is responsible to provide end to end complete resolution to customer concerns.

  • To provide resolutions on the nature of the request/complaint, status of the customer’s account applying business rules.

  • This position is responsible to close loop with the customer and post providing the customer necessary resolution and initiate re polling to identify efficiency.

  • All customer interactions to be handled within defined timelines

  • To be able to handle customer interactions while maintaining the set quality standards defined by Vodafone

  • To be aware of the latest products launched as well as the recent change in processes in order to communicate correct information to the customer

  • To be able to provide customized solutions to each customers concern and address his issues completely and correctly so as to ensure no repeats

  • To be able to speak to an irate customer with sense of ownership and convert customer complaints into customer delight and thereby ensuring customer loyalty

  • To be able to retain a customer who has decided to leave Vodafone primarily using communication skills

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James "Vodafone changed my life"