Facilities Services Specialist

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Posting date:03 Dec, 2019

Role purpose: This role is responsible for the overall Facilities delivery of various services to VFE building throughout coordinating and managing vendor day to day service delivery to fulfill and satisfy all departments’ needs according to VFE strategy and handled in a timely manner with high quality.

• Services to include: Deliver all Facilities service inside VFE building that include: Catering, Cleaning, Fitness Centre, Reception, Meeting Rooms reservation management, Hospitality, Consumables, Office Equipment, Mailing Services, Plants, Business Support Services and any other assigned projects & events as may be required from time to time by the Facilities Management.

• Ensure quality of service provided by different vendors: Caterers, Housekeeping and Business support

• Event managements

• Service budgeting & planning for building expenses

• Monitoring building consumption to match allocated budget

• Ensure smooth internal logistics for in-house fairs & exhibitions

• Customer service managements in handling different meetings requirements


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