Enterprise Business Solutions/Deployment Engineer

Accra, Greater Accra
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Posting date:06 Dec, 2018


Deploy all projects (VBS/Vodafone Wholesale), BAUs from Vodafone Business Solutions, Vodafone Wholesale, IP/MPLS, ENOC and SAT3 through the following media: fibre, copper and radio


Key Responsibilities

a). Fibre Medium

  • Mount and install Optical Network Terminal (units)

  • Patch in the MSAN, ODF and at the customer premise

  • Mount splitter at the customer premise

  • Provision of various services on fibre, radio and copper which include:

    1.  Virtual Private Network (VPN)

    2. Dedicated internet

    3. Integrated services Digital Network (ISDN) for Voice, Data, Video Conferencing etc.

    4. Wide Area Network (WAN)

    5. International Private lease Circuit (IPLC)

    6. National Lease Line

  • To test fibre power levels using OTDRs and other GPON testing equipment

  • To design as-built for fibre installations


b) Radio and Copper

  • Mount Indoor Units and Outdoor Microwave(Point-to-point ) equipment on poles and towers for radio installations

  • Calculate link budget prior to installation of last mile radios

  • Read and take GPS coordinates prior to preparation of link budgets

  • Taking physical line of sight (LOS) between two or more different locations

  • Application of RADWIN/Airmux manager to adjust frequencies during installation  of Last mile radios

  • Running of external CAT5 cables between IDUs and ODUs

c) Copper

  • Installation of SHDSL modems at both Exchanges and customer premises

  • Testing of cable pairs at the MDF towards the switch/Transmission room and the cabinet

  • Testing of cable pairs within customer premises

  • Troubleshoot with cable team during implementation

  • Running of internal CAT5 cable between Test rooms and Transmission rooms


d) Other Internal Responsibilities

  • SHDSL Modem configuration

  • Customer Router/Switch configurations

  • To patch fibre patch cords on Optical Distribution Frame in the transmission rooms,                             MSAN and customer end

  • To run and terminate E1 cables

  • To run and terminate internal network cables


e)Job scope in-stake with other departments

EBS Deployment Engineer’s responsibilities to the following departments are the outlined scopes of job


                  Vodafone Business Solution (VBS)


  • Implement all VBS projects

  • Implement all VBS business as usual services

  • Design of single line as-built diagrams of VBS implemented projects

  • Own VBS customer services( Ensures agreed VBS SLAs are met)

  • Give feedback to VBS on installations and project implementations

                 Vodafone Wholesale (NCBC)


  • Implement all Vodafone Wholesale projects

  • Implement all Vodafone Wholesale business as usual services

  • To give feedback to Vodafone wholesale account managers on installations and project implementations


                  IP/MPLS Operations


  • To test bandwidth on MPLS switch (Collaborate with IP/MPLS  to ensure the customer has value for money- i.e. get the bandwidth paid for)

  • To give feedback on bandwidth test

  • Perform through put test by using traffic generators, jperf and other software

  • Perform bandwidth stress test over long hours at customer premises


  Enterprise Network Operating Centre (ENOC)

  • Handover newly deployed projects to ENOC by adhering to quality installation standards


                  Cable Station (Landing Station) SAT-3

  • To perform loop tests and resolve challenges at Cable Station points (ADMs) at various Exchanges and Customers premises for monitoring by Cable Station Team during implementation

  • Conduct various link test with third parties such as Verizon, AT&T, Cable and Wireless, etc towards their local clients in Ghana during implementations

  • Provide information on all circuit IDs to international carriers prior to handing over

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