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Posting date:04 Apr, 2018

2018 Discover job description – Support

Here at Vodafone, we do amazing things to empower everybody to be confidently connected, that could be anything from providing superfast network speed to smartphones, to making farmers lives easier with mobile money payments or streaming music into a car through the internet of things. As you can imagine, this means that we have a pretty vibrant and diverse mix of skills and people, that make us a great place to work.

We are looking for innovative leaders, those who embrace new technologies and are continuously learning, someone who is curious to the world of opportunity on offer.  Vodafone is a place where you can bring your whole self to work as you kick start your career. 

What’s in it for you

  • Investment in your personal development
  • Working for an industry leading company that spans across different countries around the world

  • Having business exposure and accountability from day one

  • Being part of a global community of graduates
  • Work to deliver world-leading technology to empower both Enterprise and Consumer customers around the world to be confidently and securely connected

What to expect

  • Cross-functional rotations
  • Placement in your area of specialism
  • Training & personal development
  • Support to fulfil your potential and career goals
  • Build expertise in your chosen area such as Technology, Marketing, Finance, HR or Sales

What we’re looking for

  • Demonstrate creativity and adaptability
  • Passion for customer’s and commercial savviness
  • Recently graduated (within one year) Bsc Accounting |Finance | Economics | Political Science | Human Resources | LLM | (MBA is a plus)

  • A good academic performance
  • Proficient in English


At Vodafone Our Support Functions are key enablers to the success our business. Their activities are aligned to support the efficient and effective delivery of organisational goals. Support functions in Vodafone include Human Resources, Legal, Compliance, Finance, External Affairs.

Their tasks are to identify and utilise best practices, defining the organisational structure, by developing and reviewing polices and ensuring the business runs smoothly.

Whatever you excel at – whether it's people management, facts and figures, building business cases, management analysis, crafting partnerships, or supporting business-critical decisions we have a role for you!

On the Discover Programme you will experience a range of support roles to develop your skillset and explore to find the area you most enjoy.

Areas you could find yourself working in: Rewards and recognition, Resourcing and Talent Management, Fleet, Health and Safety, Learning and Talent Development and the Property Team, Compliance & Business Continuity Teams, Risk Teams


Application process

When you apply for the Vodafone Graduate Programme you will be asked to fill out an application form. This allows us to get to know you and your background of experience. Here you will be asked to attach your CV and a copy of your National ID. Please attach your CV in English.

If your background and experience match the requirements, you will be invited to participate in our online assessment. This allows us to see if you are the right fit for the Vodafone culture.

  • Video interview with 5 questions focusing on your potential indicators, competencies and motivation (15mins). Please complete your video interview in English.
  • Abstract Reasoning Test with 24 questions. This section has a set time limit (20mins) 
  • And finally a Situational Judgement Test with 15 questions. This section has no time limit, so take as much time as you need to think through your answers.

After the online assessment the most successful candidates will be invited to an Assessment Centre in May.


We look forward to Discover you!

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James "Vodafone changed my life"