Deputy General Manager

Pune, Maharashtra
  1. Full Time
  2. IT/Technology
Posting date:18 Mar, 2019
  •  Lead impactful BI Architecture/ Solutioning/ Inno vations &Value Add  to a Voda fone market
  • Develop & manage deep engagement with relevant stakeholders from the supported markets

  • Coach junior team members in relevant areas throu gh deep knowledge in one or more technical / functional areas

  • Strong on data quality and data governance process and policy
  • Has lead a large team on data management
  • Own relevant i nnovation & bottomline impact initiatives

  • Support BI Practice Head/ Acco unt Managers and Delivery Head on Delivery / innovation/Values Add and BI Strat egy

  • Enhance relevant knowledge in leadership practices

  • Lead an Data Management team to deliver multiple impactful Data management solutions to one or more Vodafone markets
    Own & develop deep engagement with relevantstakeholders from the supported markets
    Develop & sustain a team of efficient and knowledgable Data management and BI  practitioners
    Engage relevant stakeholders in IT / Infosec / HR in the supported market to enable smooth delivery
    Drive innovation & bottomline impact in the team
    Support Head of Delivery and Technology Practice to deliver on Analytics Strategy
    Enhance relevant knowledge in leadership practices


Main Tasks:


  • Partner with Local markets o n BI roadmaps, Strategies.
  • Provide BI Consulting Support from GBIS.

  • Analy sis, Classification  and Consolida tion ofrequirements from a solution design point of view.

  • Translation of Bu siness Requirements into a solution design as basis for the further development process.

  • Creation of data models according to Business Requirements

  • Iden tification, definition and specification of data transformation and aggregation procedures

  • Alignment of solution design decisions with lead information arc hitect and  with IT.

  • Architecti ng and designing BI components for transitions/transformations under BI.

  • Rev iew of solution designs of team colleagues

  • guiding developers through soluti on design and answer their questions throughout development activities

  • Archi tectural Design, concepts and strategies for future development of the  BI application landscape

 1 . Establish and implement data steward activities covering data ownership, quality data and remediation.
2. Create process for the Master data and Reference Data Management.
3.  Collaborate with different business team on the changes and usage of the BI solution and Data.
4. Communicate timely and efficiently with the stakeholder to keep them informed and updated.
5. Providing coaching, support and mentoring to less experienced team members in data management practices and related technical issues.
6. Provide data quality advisory services to the organization.
7. Coordinating and acting as point of contact for all data management responsibilities for multiple BI Solutions asthe Lead Data Manager.
8. Liaise with different stakeholders of project to ensure the successful completion of project on time within budget.
9. Single point of contact inside the local organization for end user issue escalation and resolution for Data Quality  (knowledge gaps, defects, enhancements)
10. The ideal candidate will be responsible for driving overall architecture, suctioning and delivery of Data Analysis and Reference Data Subject Areas.
Deliver multiple projects - Define scope, alignment of resources, adhering to SLAs, impact assessment and closure
People Management - Hiring, development, engagement & retention
Stakeholders Engagement - communication, updates, transition, issue resolution, managing support stakeholders &  widening of engagement
Processes- Documentation, innovation, value impact & efficiency
Support to Senior Management team

Interfaces with Customers:


- AllVodafone depart ments


Leadership & Teamwork


- Wor ks in several project teams




< p>In close collaboration with all departments  and gro ups within BI plus BI IT.




    • Owns BI transformation design and solution.

    • Innovation/ Value creati on at Local markets BI solutions and transformaiton programs.

    • Implementation of changes and modifications to existing BI architecture/ solutions

    • Single point of contact person for programs that form an architecture for handling dat a, including databases and data warehouses

    • Provide effective BI solution app roach, design and implementation.

    • Impact analysis on the change request and new project as per the business needs

    • Provide Document the complete process and final design

    • Maintain Provisioning information (Dashboards, reports, dat a cubes, etc) to designated business area enable decision-making

    • 1. Delivery of projects by team within agreed timelines with quality
      2. 100% accurate data delivered to the DWH.
      3. Accurate report delivered to the business.
      4. Understand partner KRAs & provide Delightful partner experience
      5. Has excellent working experience on the BI / DWH and DB tools and technology
      6. High performing and engaged team indicated through people survey results, controlled attrition.
      Delivery of projects by team within agreed timelines with quality
      Business Impact
      Understand partner KRAs & provide Delightful partner experience
      New Engagements
      Efficient & BCP complaint processes
       High performing and engaged team indicated through people survey results, controlled attrition
      Pillar Initiatives


Its a people manager role managing 50+ team which includes direct and indirect reportees

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