Data Analyst

  1. Full Time
  2. Administration/Support
Posting date:01 Nov, 2019

Job Purpose


Contribute to achieving revenue growth and cost optimization by providing in-depth analysis of different data sets, enabling the techno-commercial teams take better informed business decisions.

Key Accountabilities / Key Activities:


  • Proactively monitors and endeavours to maintain high levels of quality and accuracy across all data sets under his/her management.
  • Compare revenue trends and identify areas of opportunity.
  • Reconcile internal reports with those received from business partners.
  • Analyse price lists to ensure pricing remains competitive and relevant.
  • Regularly monitors traffic and automates alerting of unexpected changes in usage patterns.
  • Maintain a reporting dashboard with statistical analysis of key KPIs, including but not limited to revenues and margins, consolidating the view so senior management can identify risk and opportunities at a glance.
  • Cultivate a healthy working relationship with various finance and technology teams to ensure that the data being analysed remains relevant and accurate.
  • Consistently identifies opportunities for process improvement, increasing the team’s operational efficiency.
  • Recommends revisions to existing reports and assists in the development of new reporting tools as necessary.
  • Develop excellent technical understanding of the services under the team’s management.
  • Perform other duties and responsibilities as required to fulfil the job function or as assigned.

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James "Vodafone changed my life"