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VDM Sales Executive - İzmir

Tarih: 27.Kas.2021

Konum: İzmir, TR

Şirket: Vodafone


The Indirect Sales Specialist delivers sales advice and administration in support of selling products and services through all the indirect distribution channels (e.g. selling through strategic partnerships) in line with Vodafone�s commercial strategy. The Indirect Sales Specialist has a good understanding of established concepts and procedures within indirect sales gained through extensive practical experience and works with third parties (directly / indirectly) to develop strategic offers. Typically reports to the Senior Indirect Sales Manager.

* Demonstrates a good understanding of indirect sales procedures and concepts through practical experience, to include third party management and negotiation;

* Effectively interacts with indirect sales partners to align and deliver the commercial activity;

* Uses communication skills to exchange ideas and information in a concise and logical way to perform tasks effectively and help position Vodafone as a preferred partner;

* Ensures effective achievement of the defined third party sales goals;

* Works collaboratively with Commercial Planning, Technology and Marketing teams to execute activities;

* Monitors and controls the activity of the Indirect Sales partners effectively interacting with them to align and deliver the commercial activity;

* Ensures Indirect Sales partners have good knowledge and training of Vodafone products, brand and customer experience by supporting them with training, marketing resources and tools.