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Tax Advisory & Compliance Manager

Tarih: 04.Kas.2021

Konum: İstanbul, TR

Şirket: Vodafone


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We are looking for a Tax Advisory & Compliance Manager




Our purpose at Vodafone is to connect for a better future. As a Global Communications Technology company, we put the customer at the heart of everything we do. We are forever challenging, pushing boundaries and discovering innovative ways to connect our customers with their digital societies.

We connect people, businesses, and communities across the globe to create the future. We earn customer loyalty, experiment, learn fast and get it done, together. As you can imagine, this means that we have a vibrant and diverse mix of skills and people making Vodafone a great place to work.




•    Assist the tax senior manager of tax management in building up the overall tax strategy of the company and oversee the compliance work done by the lower staff,
•    Controlling for Advance Tax Return and Corporation Tax, analysing accounts of non-deductible expenses and preparing/declaration Legal Financial statements with references,
•    Tax legislation research and keeping abreast of changes,
•    Preparation of official documents for Public Authorities,
•    Acting as first point of contact for the local authorities (Information Technology and Communication Institution, Turkish Treasury, Ministry of Communication etc.) and for the internal and external auditors as subject matter experts of the local regulations and requirements,
•    Control the overseas invoices in terms of WHT and VAT, prepares and submits the required forms to the tax authorities,
•    Supports the management team on the tax related queries and gives guidance on local tax rules,
•    Supports the tax senior manager on submission of the quarterly deferred tax and related calculations,
•    Guarding tax compliance of the group companies,
•    Providing tax optimization and tax strategy services to the group companies,
•    Contribution to group tax policies and procedures,
•    Monitoring and analysing tax status of the group companies,
•    Generating consolidated group tax reports, effectively working with Group Tax team,
•    Contribution to annual transfer pricing documentation,
•    Maintaining an up-to-date detailed knowledge of current tax legislation and its possible implications with the companies, accurately assessing the effects of changes in tax procedures for reducing liabilities,
•    Providing tax support for restructuring processes,
•    Providing tax support for M&A projects.


Your place in the team


Tax Accounting


•    Controlling preparing statements for accounts of non-deductible expenses, deductible accounts and balance sheets,
•    Understand how relevant international accounting standards apply to tax accounting,
•    Ensure the accuracy of tax accounting transactions,
•    Calculate tax provision based on status of investigations.


Tax Declaration and Reporting


•    Controlling accounts for Advance Tax Return and Corporation Tax declarations, review the calculated advanced and Corporate Income tax returns
•    Evaluate and improve processes to deliver accurate and timely tax returns,
•    Preparing the monthly deferred tax and submissions,
•    Communicate details of and issues related to tax filings/reports/forecasts to senior management,
•    Check actual vs. budget variances and report the reasons behind any variances on a monthly basis.


Keeping abreast of legislation


•    Tax legislation research and keeping abreast of changes,
•    Replying the people’s questions from other departments about tax legislation,
•    Controlling the overseas invoices in terms of WHT and VAT, prepares and submits the required forms to the tax authorities,
•    Follow the changes in tax legislation and ensure compliance,
•    Demanding letter ruling for hesitant cases and filtering cases,
•    Deliver reports to meet statutory and business requirements,
•    Calculate tax provision based on status of investigations,
•    Perform tax optimization activities by interpreting relevant tax laws and regulations to propose value added solutions,
•    Perform tax planning, especially for long term plans and forecasts of VF Turkey together with FP&A,
•    Analyse and communicate tax implications of business plans,
•    Identify and evaluate complex tax issues, communicate recommendations and risks to key stakeholders,
•    Support business units about all tax related issues,
•    Manage case management processes together with Legal, where necessary,
•    Analysing major contracts for tax responsibility (Stamp Tax etc.).



Establishing relation with the Fiscal Administration


•    Correspondence (tax ruling, announcement, notification) with public authorities (Information Technology and Communication Institution, Turkish Treasury, Ministry of Communication etc.),
•    Build and develop relations with tax authorities and public bodies, and represent Vodafone for issues regarding tax obligations in the telecom industry and specific tax issues,
•    Preparation of official documents and information, which are demanded by the Authorities for audit or other reasons, are supplied with organization,
•    Managing tax audits and guiding the related teams about tax audit process,
•    Perform negotiations for discounts in tax fines,
•    Manage relations with government authorities regarding incentives,
•    Manage relations with VF Group Tax Management, especially regarding tax-planning activities, effectively working on group tax reporting.


Establishing relation with the External Audit Firm


•    Monitoring Tax Audit Team to take tax certification service,
•    Managing tax advisory issues with Tax Audit Team and our Group Companies,
•    Demanding letter ruling for hesitant cases and filtering cases,
•    Closed relations with Group Tax Team via managing the tax advisory and tax audit items.


We are looking for you if you have

•    University degree from Economics, Administration or Finance, master degree is a plus
•    CPA (SMMM) License is an asset
•    Tax knowledge is critical
•    Accounting, SAP and MS Office knowledge
•    Excellent communication skills in English
•    Demonstrated experience and expertise communicating with stakeholders in management level 
•    Excellent problem-solving and time management skills
•    Customer focused
•    Analytical minded 
•    Creative
•    Effective performance under stress and achieving
•    Flexible for varying needs of work
•    Good Presentation Skills      
•    Minimum 10 years experiences in same and/or related positions.
•    Big Four companies experience is an asset.  


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Diversity and Inclusion


At Vodafone, we embrace and welcome everyone. We believe that we can operate more successfully and effectively with diverse teams. And we can only leverage this diversity by building an inclusive culture where everyone is respected, can be themselves and strive to be their best. That way we can create a better future for our employees, our partners, the communities we work in and our customers.