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Ever Wondered What Our Corporate Functions Are All About? We work within the heart of our business, providing top notch support, expertise and guidance in roles such as finance, human resources, supply chain  or external affairs . Here at Vodafone we’re always moving, always growing and adapting and corporate functions play a key role in ensuring we’re always streets ahead of our competitors and continue to attract and secure the best talent around.

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Senior Manager_Project Management_Pune Pune, IN 7.7.2021
Deputy Manager-Senior Analyst_Analytics-ML Operations Engineer_Pune Pune, IN 1.7.2021
RGC Compliance Specialist
RGC Compliance Specialist Pune, IN 6.7.2021
Pune, IN 6.7.2021
Deputy Manager_Assistant Lead_Intercompany Accounting_Pune Pune, IN 6.7.2021
Deputy Manager_Assistant Lead_ODI Developer _Pune Pune, IN 30.6.2021
Assistant Manager_Data Science-ML_Pune Pune, IN 9.7.2021
Deputy Manager_Assistant Lead - ODI developer_Pune Pune, IN 10.7.2021
Deputy General Manager - Risk Management - Internal Audit & Sox Compliance - Pune Pune, IN 18.7.2021
Assistant Manager_Qlik_Pune
Assistant Manager_Qlik_Pune Pune, IN 18.7.2021
Pune, IN 18.7.2021
Manager_Jira/Confluence_Pune Pune, IN 18.7.2021
Pune, IN 18.7.2021
Manager_Lead OPC_Project Manager_Pune Pune, IN 19.7.2021
Manager_Lead_Qlik MPM Developer_Bangalore Pune, IN 10.7.2021
Deputy Manager_German_P2P_Pune
Deputy Manager_German_P2P_Pune Pune, IN 9.7.2021
Pune, IN 9.7.2021
Deputy Manager/Manager_Assistant Lead-Site Rental_Pune_FSSC Pune, IN 13.7.2021
Assistant Manager_Senior Analyst_German Accounting_Pune Pune, IN 13.7.2021
Manager_Lead_AP Query_Pune
Manager_Lead_AP Query_Pune Pune, IN 15.7.2021
Pune, IN 15.7.2021
Manager_Lead_German Accounting_Pune Pune, IN 15.7.2021
Senior Manager_Global Process Expert_Treasury Cash Management_Pune Pune, IN 15.7.2021
Senior Manager_Delivery Manager_German Accounting__Pune Pune, IN 20.7.2021
Senior Executive_German Accounting_Pune Pune, IN 6.7.2021
Senior Manger_SOX_Compliance_Pune Pune, IN 6.7.2021
Deputy Manager- Opex Management- Pune Pune, IN 9.7.2021
Senior Manager -Audit/Controls_SOX_Pune Pune, IN 22.7.2021
Deputy General Manager - Financial Reporting Lead- Pune Pune, IN 24.7.2021
Assistant Manger-R2R-General Leader Pune, IN 6.7.2021