Friends of LGBT+ Network

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT+) & Friends Network is working to connect and support our people on LGBT+ matters, whatever their background and wherever they are. It’s also helping to champion inclusion and celebrate diversity at work and in the community - all part of our approach to support our people to be at their best and full self while working with us. As part of this effort to create an inclusive culture, all LGBT+ Graduates are offered a buddy from the LGBT+ community, to support and advise them in the start of their careers at Vodafone!

In 2018 Vodafone commissioned international research, conducted by the external body 'Out Now'. Which surveyed more than 3,000 LGBT+ individuals across 15 countries and multiple industries. The research found that more than half (58%) of young LGBT+ people are not open about their sexual orientation or gender identity at work because they worry they will face discrimination from managers and colleagues. With 1 in 3 (31%) LGBT+ people admitting they went ‘back into the closet’ when they started their first job. This figure rises to 41% among 18-25 year olds. Vodafone is committed to creating a culture where employees can be open about their sexual orientation and gender identity,

Supporting and Enhancing an LGBT+ Inclusive Culture

In collaboration with Stonewall, we have launched training on inclusive leadership, focusing on LGBT+ colleagues. Workshops have been conducted on middle management and new graduates, as well as senior leaders. An online learning journey, focusing on being an ally of the LGBT+ community, has also been created for anyone in the company to undertake. This training has been designed to increase awareness and understanding of LGBT+ in the workplace and ultimately foster a supportive environment.

Pride and Celebration

We've had lots of fun celebrating Pride and have attended Pride events all over the globe. Vodafone are also a sponsor of Pride. During Pride Week we host a global webinar, celebrating LGBT+ within our community, attended by many countries and 1000’s of employees. We also paint the company purple for Spirit Day, to show support against LGBT+ bullying.