Measuring Inclusive Culture

People Survey

As part of our ongoing efforts to create an inclusive workplace, we measure our inclusivity through our annual people survey. This year the survey was completed by 87% of Vodafone employees across all countries. We are very proud that 90% felt everyone at Vodafone is treated fairly and 87% felt they are able to be themselves at work. We use the survey to highlight key progress areas and share best practice, to ultimately create the best inclusive environment for all.

Support and Enhance Culture

Moving the Unconscious to Conscious

Vodafone has many initiatives focusing on breaking the barriers around Gender, LGBT+, Disability, Multiculturalism and Age. Our efforts are ongoing and constantly changing, we believe the key to this is increasing awareness of Unconscious Bias. Focusing on all moments of life at Vodafone, we offer engaging face to face training, along with e-learning and use high profile webinars and events to highlight key areas that bias can creep into the workplace and form barriers.


Flexibly Inclusive Culture

Flexible working is key to our culture of inclusion. All of our office spaces are engaging and collaborative and we encourage everyone at Vodafone to work smarter.