Gender Commitments

Best employer for women by 2025
Connect 50 million women
Provide online education to 3 million young refugees by 2020
1000 ReConnects – bringing 1000 people back to work from a career break

Domestic Violence and Abuse

On 4th March 2019, Vodafone was the first global company to launch a new HR policy specifically for victims of domestic violence and abuse. This was launched in response to research commissioned by Vodafone Foundation with Opinium across working adults, which confirmed 1 in 3 had experienced domestic violence and abuse and it had significantly impacted their career. 

In response, Vodafone is ensuring our employees who have faced abuse will have access to up to 10 days additional ‘safe leave’ giving them time to manage their situation including seeking professional help and counselling, attending police or court appointments, making arrangements to move house, and supporting their children. Our HR teams are receiving training on how to support employees experiencing domestic violence or abuse.

Maternity Policy

We support our employees by creating a flexible working environment. Our global pioneering maternity policy across 30 countries offers all women a minimum of 16 weeks fully paid maternity leave, and when they return to work they are able to work 30 hours per week on full pay. Vodafone have also launched a global paternity policy, providing a minimum of 2 weeks fully paid and parental policies apply in many countries. 

Reconnect (Global Returners Programme)

The ReConnect programme is designed to attract talented women who have left the workplace for several years and would like to return to work on a full-time or flexible basis but are struggling to make the professional connections needed or refresh the skills required. The programme offers development and training opportunities – this training is now available to EVERYONE – to find out more click here.

International Women’s Week

Vodafone views International Women's week as an opportunity to celebrate the amazing women in the company. Every year we hold a global webinar, involving 1000's of people within Vodafone around the globe. We also use this to celebrate 100 Women in Red - women who have been outstanding in Vodafone. 

Code Like A Girl

At Vodafone we have launched world’s furthest reaching girls coding programme, to address widening gender gap in STEM careers. We are dedicated to helping the women of the future have access to technology, offering Coding Training to 1000s of girls aged 14-18 across 26 countries. Training provides basic knowledge of computer languages and development programmes. Schools can sign up to #CodeLikeAGirl here



HeForShe is a UN Women movement that is inviting people around the world, men and women, to stand together to create a bold, visible force for gender equality. Vodafone has been selected as one of the 10 Corporate Impact Champions. We have committed to increase representation of women in leadership to 30% by 2020, expand access to mobile as a tool for women empowerment and bring mobile education to refugee girls in countries where Vodafone operates. Committing to reach 100,000 supporters of HeForShe, we have already had over 51,000 commitments – you can commit here