Disability awareness is crucial at Vodafone to create a supportive inclusive culture. disABILITY is the name of the online site for all employees, giving guidelines, videos and toolkits. Providing information from how to communicate around disability, to applying reasonable adjustments and learn more about different challenges faced by people with disabilities, along with advantages they bring.

Mental Health and thriVe

In 2018 Vodafone commissioned international research, conducted by the external body 'Out Now'. Which surveyed more than 3,000 LGBT+ individuals across 15 countries and multiple industries. The research found that more than half (58%) of young LGBT+ people are not open about their sexual orientation or gender identity at work because they worry they will face discrimination from managers and colleagues. With 1 in 3 (31%) LGBT+ people admitting they went ‘back into the closet’ when they started their first job. This figure rises to 41% among 18-25 year olds. Vodafone is committed to creating a culture where employees can be open about their sexual orientation and gender identity,

Supporting the Community

Vodafone not only focus on empowering our colleagues with disabilities, but also our customers and communities. Many of our countries have launched incredible products and programmes to enhance 1000 of people’s lives. Highlights include; an SMS Emergency Services for people with communication barriers in South Africa, Italy have launched OSO to help people with disabilities access sport, many countries have given call centre and retail staff sign language training and we have even used our technology to help a colleague who was paralysed to walk again!

Disability Awareness and Celebration

Vodafone celebrates International Day of Persons with Disabilities in December every year. Highlighting countries that have championed disability in the workplace; be that accessibility solutions, sign language implementation or mental health schemes. We also shine a light on amazing individual stories here at Vodafone, providing inspiring insights to how disability has touched their lives.