Meet Thakshy, one of our successful Graduates

I was able to develop and progress quickly on the graduate programme, and I haven’t stopped since. Opportunities have kept on coming. Now I’m Business Manager to the CIO and I’m still learning.

The Vodafone graduate programme saw me doing rotations in different parts of the organisation, which was a brilliant opportunity because it gave me a lot of business exposure. And the development opportunities didn’t stop there: I’ve had plenty more since. I have my own mentor, as well as a number of coaches, who’ve all been invaluable in helping me progress. In the last five years I’ve moved through departments and roles right across the business, from project management to process improvement. 

Then earlier this year I was asked if I wanted to become Business Manager to the CIO – an opportunity I just couldn’t refuse. My present role has been a complete whirlwind – things come at such a fast pace and I’m learning so much. I get the chance to soak up knowledge and experience from some of the top people in their field. It’s perhaps the greatest development opportunity I’ve had so far. And it’s not just the people; probably the best thing about my role is that I get to see what it takes to run a huge IT function without actually having to do it, which means I get an enormous insight into the core workings of the company. 

It’s a brilliant opportunity to get the knowledge and understanding I need to progress. Then again, there’s still so much to learn in my current role so I won’t be moving on any time soon! 

One thing I love about my job is the atmosphere. The campus at HQ is just fantastic. It’s so open and light, which makes for a great collaborative environment. And there’s a genuine feeling of respect here because of the flexible working initiative. You feel trusted to manage your own time and work in a way that suits you.

If I’ve got an urgent report to prepare, for instance, and I need to hunker down at home to get it done, I can just let my manager know and that’s fine. It’s a really unique atmosphere – I don’t think I could go back to working in a normal office now.

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