#Codelikeagirl Over the past year we have been busy working across all of our markets here at Vodafone to deliver our ground breaking #codelikeagirl workshops. Throughout the course of history, females have made such a profound impact on our world, whether it be the work of Ada Lovelace who was the first computer programmer and laid the foundation for future generations or technology pioneers like Hedy Lamarr and Barbara Liskov, without whom we would not have Wi-Fi. Despite this, it’s so widely reported nowadays that there is a real gap in the number of females who are enrolling and participating in STEM subjects globally and we felt it important to challenge this and try to do something about it. Throughout #codelikeagirl workshops we aim to demystify coding and inspire young women to challenge their perceptions and hopefully encourage future careers in digital fields.  From Mozambique to New Zealand and everywhere in-between, we have been running 4 day workshops in our offices inviting girls to learn and get inspired. We partnered with UK based NGO; ‘Code First Girls’ to design a workshop which would take people through this journey so they can leave being able to build their own websites! Delivering a programme across all countries where Vodafone operates means we’ve had a real breadth people joining our workshops who are all coming with different levels of knowledge about coding. It is truly inspirational to see the websites which have been produced across our workshops and the skills gained when you #codelikeagirl.   It is not just a story about the girls however. We recognised we have a wealth of expertise inside Vodafone and that our experts would be the best people to teach the girls. That’s why all of our workshops have been delivered by Vodafone employees who take girls through the curriculum but critically, show how this can be used in a job or even their career. Being able to show our participants the potential that is available to them with these skills is a great benefit and our trainers have also relished the opportunity to impart their knowledge on the next generations. The workshops this year have gone so well that we have pledged to double our efforts and will be training 1,000 girls to #codelikeagirl next year. So if you’re interested to join us or find out more, why not register here today. 

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