Becoming the leader I always wanted to be thanks to Vodafone

A photo of Sinead Bryan, Vodafone Business Director

I joined Vodafone Ireland in 2016 as the Finance Director but I was explicit about the fact that I wanted to do a broader business role. I was delighted when the opportunity came along to lead a team of fabulous people who take care of our business customers in Ireland. I always wanted to be […]

A snapshot of my role and life at Vodafone

A photo of Susanne Schlagl, Head of Vodafone Centre for Health.

We’ve created the Centre for Health at Vodafone in partnership with Deloitte, with the goal of closing the gap between digital health ambitions and the paper-based reality of today. As the centre’s head, I lead the team as we work towards freeing up more time for healthcare providers to spend with their patients instead of […]

Learning to Love Leadership: How My Career as a Leader Emerged

A photo of Fabien Gitenay, Head of Digital Applications at Vodafone.

Earlier in my career, I was not focused on leadership roles. I just wanted to learn and be exposed to all kinds of challenges. I started out as a management consultant and my priority was tackling different business problems and learning about different industries. I advised clients in a number of sectors including technology, telecoms […]