Life is a (Great) Rollercoaster at Vodafone

A photo of Joana Pimentel, Service Management and Performance at Vodafone.

My journey at Vodafone started many years ago when the new Lisbon HQ was built. The building is a masterpiece, and I was still in college, but I knew I wanted to work there! At the first chance I got, I applied for a role in Customer Operations, and there I was. After many years […]

15 Years at Vodafone: Why I’ve Stayed So Long

A photo of Chiara Sambi, Head of Network Development Strategy, Governance & Transformation at Vodafone.

I’ve changed roles often in my time with Vodafone. Moving around and experiencing different challenges has been a big advantage for me because I was able to keep developing in new areas but always in a leading technology company I knew and loved. I have deepened my skills and understanding of Network Engineering, Operations, Customer […]

Travelling Down an Exciting Road with Vodafone

A photo of Joana Pimentel, Head of Data Core Engineering Delivery Unit at Vodafone.

I feel like my career with Vodafone has been something of an endless travelling experience, where instead of a suitcase of belongings, I have a suitcase full of learnings courtesy of my colleagues, managers and mentors. Life at Vodafone has always meant caring for our legacy while pushing hard towards our future. We do this […]

Why Female Tech Careers Thrive With Vodafone

A photo of Denisa Dimroçi, Service Assurance/Steering, Transformation and Excellence Manager at Vodafone.

Why did I choose a career in technology? Believe me, it wasn’t a normal path for a girl to choose when I was growing up, but my dad always encouraged me to sign up for maths classes at school and that sparked my interest in STEM. I’ve now been part of the Vodafone Albania family […]

Why I Call Vodafone a ‘Land of Opportunities’

A photo of Monica De Celis, Manager, VNO Process House Team at Vodafone.

I’m always really proud to be part of Vodafone – we provide such a great (and important) service to our customers. That said, the pandemic really highlighted how vital Telco’s are to the world today and our job has never felt more essential. I’ve had many roles with Vodafone, starting with the Commercial area in […]

My Role at the Pulse of Vodafone’s Exciting Transformation

A photo of Antonella Faniuolo, Head of Network Planning, Demand, Delivery and Transformation at Vodafone.

At Vodafone we are undergoing an important transformation, creating ‘One Technology’ team across the whole of Europe in order to diversify from our traditional position as purely a telco. My team, Network Planning, Demand, Delivery & Transformation (NPDDT), is still relatively new. We are responsible for translating our overall network strategy into actionable market plans […]

How I Learnt to Own My Future

A photo of Maria Bartolome, Head of National Network Deployment at Vodafone.

I think there are many ways to develop a career in engineering – it depends on your personal motivations and the direction you want to go in. The most important thing is to just keep learning. Stay informed about the market movements of other companies in the industry, keep abreast of new technologies and economic […]

How Vodafone Ignited My Engineering Career

A photo of Irene Gozzi, Network Deployment Manager at Vodafone.

What really appealed to me about Vodafone initially was its culture. I’d been working as a telecommunications engineer for five years and I wanted to find a company I could really connect with and care about. As soon as I started my job in Vodafone’s Network Deployment department, I knew I’d found it. I was […]