An interview with our Commercial Specialist James

Learn about James’s role and how Vodacom has supported his personal and professional development.

Nov 29, 2018

What has your journey been like at Vodacom?
My journey at Vodacom has been fascinating. To start with I spent a lot of time learning about how we worked as a team and company and also the products we sold. I have worked with so many different people from all over Vodacom UK and from Group Enterprise. A few of those colleagues have become firm friends outside of work too. When I first started I was nervous at walking into such a big company and worked on simple mobile focused deals. Now I spend a lot of the time working on deals with many products worth a lot of money that I never ever thought two years ago I would be doing.

Why did you choose to join Vodacom?
I chose Vodacom because one of my friends referred me for an interview! However when preparing for that interview I liked the ethos and image that Vodacom portrayed as a development opportunity for me to push on in my career with all the network I could build and the diversity of the working day which changes all the time. The main reason however was the flexibility to work from wherever there is an internet connection which includes at home.

What do you do on a day to day basis?
My day job revolves around working on deals at the pre-sales stage for our regional customers. This involves working with sales people and stakeholders to model a deal which ranges from a few mobiles to deals up to the millions of pounds with multiple products.

What are you most proud of since joining Vodacom?
I would say I am most proud of my own personal development. There have been a few instances where the work I have done as contributed to a high profile deal and that is very satisfying. However, my own personal development from where I started to where I am now, far more confident, better at networking and meeting new people.

How does your role with Vodacom fit around your life?
The flexibility of working at Vodacom is great as you can work from anywhere with an internet connection. You can do the things in life that have to be done during the week and work around them. The support you get in prioritising the correct way is great.